Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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This week - well, I have had a week.  The house* flooded - and I woke up to mega soppy carpet.  To be honest I spent the whole day on the verge of tears, vacuming up the water and saying to myself over and over 'Its not fair - come on!  Don't I work hard enough already?'

I'm sure we all have days like this - its just that this happened to be on the back of  months and months of 'days like this'.  I reckon I'm pretty hardy, but Monday I wanted to give up.  And cry.  And be pitied.   And have someone for once stop harping on about there problems and listen to mine.  For once.  Just once can I not be one the receiving end?  Errrr 'no' is the answer to that.  Whatevs.

Yup - I think its pretty obvious my emotional tank is empty.

So for the rest of the week,  I plan to sleep more.

What else can you recommend for refilling your emotional tanks - help a girl out here - with the proviso that it doesn't cost anything and it doesn't take lots of time - neither of those things I have in abundance.

Wow - did I write this?  Nevermind, its probably just a blip in the system- usually upbeat crafty posts will resume by and by.

*earthquake munted - would take a paragraph or five to explain why and how....just take my word for it


  1. I like that you're honest, Nin. I think it's important to acknowledge these days and feelings, because then we can process and move on. Sounds like it's been a tough time for Nin! I do reckon the best way to fill up your Everything Tanks (more than just emotional!) is to get not just enough sleep, but as much as you can! Other things I like doing are having a hot bubble bath, with candles and a good book, maybe even music, if you can make that work. Chocolate at night, after the child is in bed so you don't have to share - or stop! Visiting with friends. Walking in the park. Taking a little time in your day, maybe 20 mins, half an hour, to do something without feeling guilty about all the other things you 'should' be doing. Relaxing is always something to make time for! I know things will turn for you soon Nin. Keep resting in grace and seeking the joy and know you will find it.

  2. oh lovely xxxx thinking of you xxxx hugs xxxx

  3. Oh bummer. I'd suggest chocolate if you can have it, it's not a long-term fix but usually makes me feel better. Icecream is also good and New World have TipTop on special for $4.99 this week.
    Otherwise fudge, a good book or a movie on the DVD player. Hugs are also good, so here's a virtual one { }.

  4. Sending big hugs! xxxxx it's just not fair!

  5. Oh Nin! That does sound awful, I would have been crying too :) We all need to let it out at some point ;) Sleep sounds like the thing to fill your tank, that and finding things that you know you find peaceful and relaxing and making a point on doing that thing atleast once a day even if for just a short time. And I know this may sound crazy, especially when you feel the need for sleep ( so maybe an idea for after you've filled up on sleep ) but whats keeping me sane is a tip from Deb. Getting up a bit earlier than the kids and doing that one thing that relaxes you, it has really helped me start my day on a better footing.
    Big Hugs xxxooo

  6. Life sucks balls every now and then, and sometimes for just.too.long. You're normal :) I'll happily send you a heart-warming gift to help with your love-tank! Email me your address ;)


  7. Hey Nin, sounds like things have been rather trying recently.
    Think I would've been creating more soggy carpet shedding tears I would've been so frustrated at recent events.
    When I want to escape I grab a cuppa something yummy a favourite mag and have 'time out' sitting on my bed......door shut.....peace and quiet. Mind you we have a lovely rural view, but maybe enjoying a favourite spot in the garden might be an option.
    All the other comments have come up with great suggestions, so I hope we've all been able to help a little bit.
    Keep smiling, one day you'll back and laugh, but you will make it through.....x

  8. Oh man Nin - feeling for you on the frustration and people problem levels. Cant imagine the house situation :( Time out, hanging with friends, sleep, and just spending time doing what you love is all I can suggest. Big big hugs to you and you rant and cry away - You Are Most Definitely Allowed and we will all listen happily xx

  9. Oh darlin :(
    Wish I could come round with cake and have a cuppa

  10. I really feel for you. It isn't fair sometimes is it. I truly hope that after some great food and a decent sleep, you feel better equipped to cope with it. A big virtual hug to you, my thoughts are with you. Lisa x

  11. Hugs Nin. Keep in mind that when things are like this they can only become better. Meanwhile the chocolate and other suggestions all sound like just the thing to do at the moment.
    Cheers xo

  12. Oh Nin! I'm horribly behind with my blog reading and only just came across this post. Now I just want to run round to your house and give you a huge big hug!!! What are you up to tomorrow? Otherwise we could maybe sneak in a quick coffee or something before Rascal's swimming lesson on Tuesday... Sorry I haven't been there for you. HUGS!


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