Monday, May 27, 2013


A daper Man scarf

Teaching....the little one*; and  

 *She took great delight in choosing the yarn and did lots of chains, but inevitably got bored before the project got finished.

some Sunday afternoon crafters.  We basked in the sunshiney window at The Make Cafe - what a treat (for this time of year).

Listening to

a group of pretty goldfinches who have alighted on the fence to feast on my neighbour's apple tree.  Did you know that the correct term for a group of goldfinches is a charm?  This makes me smile.


Getting so inspired to take up the needles and to print paper and fabric!

I did a degree in Fashion Design and I'm sorry to say we didn't touch on fashion design in New Zealand pre-1980, I knew we had a thriving rag trade, but I always believed we made 'under license' for overseas labels or created everyday clothes.  This book is an education.  I am savoring its pages.  It was an unbelievable generous gift from Louana - thank you my friend, it couldn't be more perfect.

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  1. lovely!
    that book was such a nice gift!

  2. What a nice pile of book, and I spy Geninne's, which I have on my wish list!

  3. I like the selection of your books...including the Rushing Womans Syndrome ( sounds interesting ) And what a clever girl for getting the chain st, even if her attention span didn't last till the end....its pretty promising that she may follow in her mothers footsteps :)

  4. Love this list
    Your books are lovely
    And I saw the fashion book in Lopdell house the other day

  5. What a lovely collection of things lately :) Hope you are keeping warm and happy and smiling x

  6. I'm SO glad the book is something that you can appreciate! xxxxx


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