Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sharing the {Crochet} Love

Please forgive the {not-so} flash photography - I took this at 7am one rainy morning before delivering it to this lady (who was feeling a bit pus about the whole earthquake situation).

I even caught up with another lovely at the library for an impromptu crochet lesson (although she really didn't need me - she was almost there herself).

Have I missed something?  Crochet seems the craft du jour...yay!  I'm teaching crochet classes at The Make Cafe and they seem to be really popular (the next one is at the end of the month - a Queen Anne's Lace scarf as featured here a few weeks ago).  

Or you could always pop over to Louana's blog for some tips.  She makes the most amaze-balls crochet stuff - just recently I was lucky enough to host her for the Blogger Conference and she gave my daughter a headband

and me this scarf.... 
among like a zillion other cute handmade things which I shall have to photograph better! I feel bad I haven't blogged about it till now *hangs head in shame!*

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  1. oh I love that pic of lala!! so cute and you of course at the cutting edge of fashion and crafty-in-fashion!! xx

  2. Love your bomb - and all those crochet goodness! you ladies are so talented x

  3. Crochet seems to be everywhere in blogshpere at the moment LOVING it!
    The Queen Anne lace scarf is next up on my project list

    Love the bunting love xxx

  4. Oh I love seeing that headband in use :) xxxxx

  5. Love the bunting bomb :) and all those gorgeous crochet goodies....slowly I'll get there :))

  6. Ah you and Louana are a talented pair, what gorgeous goodies! I love that you hit it off so well.

  7. the scarf looks gorgeous. And yes, crochet is the new black. I taught a couple of bloggers how to granny square while visiting Brisbane last week ;)


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