Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Man Scarf {tutorial- well sort of}

I feel as though I finished this man scarf just in time, as the weather has taken that perceptible turn in recent days.  This is a belated birthday present for my dear ol' Dad - which he celebrated two weeks ago (aherm - sorry Dad)

I used two 50 gram balls of 8 ply and a 4mm hook.  Simple and satisfying.

The whole piece is hooked using half double crochet stitch (US terminology here).  My foundation row was 2 meters long.  I'm not going to count out how many that was - as everyone's tension is different.  I suggest making a chain until its about 2 meters, then with the same colour do a row of half double crochet, change colour each row until you have used up both balls - in my case it was 8 rows.

Rather than reinventing the wheel with pictures on how to proceed - if you want a demo on half double crochet this tutorial out.  If you are completely new to crochet here is how to do a chain.  Or if you want some one on one crochet know-how you're welcome to seek me out at The Make Cafe - I think my next class is Sunday 26th June.

Phew!  This week I actually have something finished to link in with Leonie here:
 Show & Tell Thursday's

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  1. I love how it came out. Hope your Dad likes it. Cx

  2. love it, the colours and overall feel are appropriately masculine (not that it would stop me wearing it!)

  3. Love simple and satisfying! looks great Nin, no doubt he's enjoying it :)

  4. Looks great, but the instructions all sounds like double dutch to me.
    I gave in to pestering and tried to do some crochet with my daughter the other day. It ended up with her walking away saying "I'll just do it with Nin, mummy! She can EASILY do it you know!!!"- Mummy fail!

    1. LMAO! Guess I know what to bring on Sunday then

  5. Gorgeous! I know someone that would love such a scarf.... Hopefully I will get my head around this crochet thing soon :) x

  6. Lovely scarf and great colours. Thanks for instructions. I think I'll give this a go.

  7. So stylish! and the colours are so!


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