Monday, June 10, 2013

Matariki {A crafty Blog Hop}

Ah winter - we are right in among it aren't we?  Its not just heat-pump at night weather - its heat-pump during the day weather.  

In my baskets I have a couple of projects required stat - like this little cardi for Lala

I was enjoying knitting the Tiny Tea Leaves cardi (its on Ravelry) until I got to the sleeves and those dang double ended needles.  I need to get me to the op shop tomorrow and see if I can get any shorter ones - I'm all fingers and thumbs trying to work these and its caused me to slow down, when really I need to speed up!

Winter is often a time when many of us slow down, we get stuck creatively.

Saying that, Juliet came up with a pearler of an idea to do a little blog hop to encourage some winter crafting, picking up on the Maori New Year Matariki.  I love that the middle of winter, which is often the long stretch before Spring and 'newness' is in itself a new beginning in the Maori tradition.  

Starting today, she'll be taking us on a "A crafting journey taking us to new places."  


The blog hop features 11 bloggers creating in response to (or in spite of?!) winter over the next two weeks, including yours truly!

She asked us to think about what winter craft means to us, and to showcase or tutorialise (I just made that word up) some winter projects we're working on in the hope that it might delight, inspire and refresh you.

Go check out Tartan Kiwi for a full list of the contributors and also details of a linky party at the end of the series - you may want to be in on that, there are prizes.

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  1. tutorialise! great word. That cardi looks amazing x

  2. Those double needles strike fear into the heart! Looking forward to being inspired :)

  3. Could you knit the sleeves on a round needle? Love the colour! What is the wool?

  4. Hey love the cardy....I thought it was Olearia by Tikki knits at first sight :)) Also have you heard about the magic loop technique using circular needles? Heres a link
    I can't knit on four needles....and swear by this technique...will never go back!


It makes my day to recieve your comment, so thanks for taking the time! :o)