Friday, June 14, 2013

Winter Nights {Matariki Blog Hop}

Now winter nights enlarge
    The number of their hours;
And clouds their storms discharge
    Upon the airy towers.
Let now the chimneys blaze
    And cups o’erflow with wine,
Let well-turned words amaze
    With harmony divine."Now Winter Nights Enlarge" - Thomas Campion

Hello - if you're new here, you're very welcome.  If you old skool you are still very welcome.

A while back Juliet started to talk about a winter blog hop, about encouraging others to get their creativity on and do some winter crafting.  She invited me to talk about what winter and crafting mean to me.

I guess an overarching theme in my winter makings is a focus on the home.  As the weather gets cooler we spend more time indoors.  Its often at this time of year I get the creative spark to finally recover some threadbare cushions, or make a new quilt to snuggle under.

To me, Winter is all about home and hearth - creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for us and our visitors.

This winter, for the first time Lala is showing a real interest in creating in fabric and yarn.  On cold and rainy days when its just too yuck to go outside she says "Hey Mum, lets do craft" and my heart sings!  

Has that happened to you?  Are you kids in to it, or not really?  How young is too young to thrust a needle into a willing hand?  

I dunno - I reckon if they're interested then I let them go for it, under strict supervision you understand.  Lala special commission is being ' The Pin Police' round our house.  If you drop a pin she will round that sucker up and give you a good telling off for being silly enough to drop it in the first place *gawf*

This quilt design (and I use that term loosely) kind of evolved from a crafting session at Roz's house last winter.  It started with the charm pack - I cut some in half and some in quarters and just started playing about.  I blogged about it then, kind of lost my mojo on it and bought it out and rejigged it - adding the grey just recently adding about a metre of kona solid.
Check it - last winter's cushion cover and matching knitting bag (I'm not being weird, its like decor camouflage, it blends in so my husband doesn't complain about me leaving out all my 'craft stuff')
Lala loves the motif of winter coats, hats, scarfs and mittens and if I'm honest this was its main attraction in the first place - that and the colour combination of dirty lime, teal and red.  

Somehow this range is girly but still fits in with our living room decor.  And that friends is the point.  This is going to be a sofa throw especially Lala-sized for snuggling under on cold afternoons. 

Maybe we'll be doing some crochet while snuggling under said blanket, or maybe we'll be watching Peppa Pig.    But from now on, I will look at this corner of the sofa and be reminded of this point in our lives.  Of the pleasure of teaching a new generation crafter, and the pride she takes in having a hand in this object that now has pride of place in our living room.

I hope that you can look around your home this winter and feel warm, embraced and, well; at home.  If not, why not start a little winter creative project?  Something as simple as a cushion cover or a fabric you love stapled over a canvas can make your home somewhere you want to hunker down.  

If that wasn't enough to get you cracking on craftiness of your own, I've put together a little giveaway - a small contribution to a whole swag of goodies - but more info on that here

Next on the Matariki blog hop journey is Laura of HOOTNZ.  I can't wait to read her post on Monday, this lady is seriously talented.

Happy weekend to you, and do let me know what you're working on.

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  1. QUILT IS GORGEOUS! And love the camo knitting bag! Lol!

  2. I do like that quilt pattern - I have several charm packs with no idea what to use them for .. .. .. LaLa looks so sweet snuggled up

  3. I so agree about that range it's a very clever design in that way and the colours are gorgeous. Love your matching bag and cushion :o) xx

  4. I love your quilt and still so clearly remember the energy and inspiration that was zinging round the room on that winters day last year!
    The addition of grey to the quilt is perfect.
    As for crafting camoflage, I might just have to steal that idea- brilliant!

  5. Love the quilt pattern too! and the colours work so well together....and I especially love the idea of teaching another craft generation snuggled under it! :))
    Oh and what a pressure then! hehehe

  6. What a wonderful quilt. So nice to have something to snuggle under.

  7. Beautiful! And it looks so snugly bugly.

  8. A new follower via Tartan Kiwi. Love the quilt - it makes me want to drag out a half completed one - my second lap one - I am a newbie to quilting - knitting is my thing!

  9. I remeber reading this and commenting but alas! Love the quilt and as for encouraging kids crafting? Definitely! My three are always in and amongst it (for better or worse!) and frequently ask if and what can we create and make today!


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