Monday, July 1, 2013

Grateful {Things I'm loving - and not}

This past week visitors to our house have been greeted with a face mask.

The dreaded 'flu got Lala and I; and friends it was not pretty.  I have never been this sick in my life.  I now understand why people who have had influenza say it hits you like a train.  I went from fine on Friday lunchtime to "O-oh I'm coming down with something?" by 3pm to full blown fever by 6pm.

By Wednesday I could manage a a few minutes out of bed (thanks Facebook for posting my updates to  10% of my friends, you're awesome), by Thursday a few minutes of stitching or knitting.

As an aside a 'flu vaccination costs around a quarter less than the course of [unfunded] tamiflu for my husband.  Totally worth it though - he had to work from home for a week to take care of us and he didn't get it.

Still there were highlights to what was a really rubbish week:

:: Finished a hottie cover ::  
:: Get well mail from Clare :: 
:: A pile of destashed fabric ready to send to its new owner::
:: Admiring an amazing portrait, one of a series by this talented artist

This week I am so super grateful to:

:: The Auntie that went to my workshop and made an urgent delivery on my behalf ::
:: The brother and the Church leader who answered the call for 'more kids DVDs please' within hours ::
::  My Dad who ran laundry service ::
:: The friend that ran up a couple of pairs of PJs I had cut the day before I got sick overnight (funny story - I was down to one pair of threadbare PJs and the fabric gave out while I was unwell) ::
:: The other friend who actually saw my status update, turned up with baking, DVDs, lemon/honey/ginger mix and great advice (she's a pharmacist) ::

Its been a while, so I'm sorry the first post back is rather an inane one, but I figure you deserve to know why I've dropped off the planet.

I'm still not 100%, but I am slowly starting to pick up the threads of our life. Lala returned to Kindy today which was a real blessing.  She burst into tears on the weekend because she misses the social contact so terribly.

I'm looking forward to catching up my my blogs and showing you another slow burn project I finished last night.

Meghan of MNMs runs this little series


  1. Hope you fully recover soon. Sounds grim. Love the portrait Sarah did of you. She is so talented. Love the one she did of my girl and me too. Cx

  2. what no modelling of the new PJ pants??!! ;o) Glad you are on the mend xxx

  3. So happy to hear you're feeling a bit better. And yes, I'd love to see those PJ's!

  4. Wow - that sounds full on. So sorry to hear, but glad you are on the mend. What it is to have lovely friends and people to rally around in such a time like that too - a real blessing in spite of the circumstances xx

  5. Oh what lovely friends and people to be surrounded by! Glad you're all feeling better - keep looking after yourselves though... Its a nasty nasty bug! xx

  6. Glad you are on the mend. I hope you are back to 100% soon

  7. Oh Nin ;'( so sorry to hear you have been sick with the flu - there is definitely a difference between flu and cold - and Tamiflu is expensive !! !! !! I should look into the flu vaccination
    You have darling friends in your life and also very brave to ask for help.
    Get better soon lovely lady

  8. You poor thing!! That sounds awful... glad you hear you are feeling better xxxx

  9. Oh you poor thing! Last Winter we were hit with the flu (totally agree with the train metaphor) and it was not pretty! Every cold that you've had in the past pales in comparison doesn't it? I had the flu injection while preg with Pipi and it should give her 6 months immunity too. I hope you continue to feel better :) x

  10. Glad you're feeling partly human now and thankful you have such a great family and friends to help you out at times like this. Don't try to bounce back too quick or you'll just wear yourself out and may end up with another dose! I'd also like to view the pj's when you feel like taking a photo and posting it. You can still be wearing them if you don't have the energy to change :D.
    Hugs, Robyn xo


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