Thursday, July 18, 2013

Meaningful gift giving

What to make a 5 year old off to school?  It seems kids are leaving Lala's Kindergarten bound for big school at a rate of 2 or 3 per week right now.

As is my way I wanted to make something pretty and useful.  Something to be treasured and in this case to celebrate the transition to big school.

Not unusually I found myself short on resources - mostly time! 

So the ideal solution - a book bag and matching pencil case.  I whipped this up in an hour and a half on Sunday before taking off for a party fest and endless turns on the wiggly slide.  

I may have to make a pattern as no doubt there will be a few more parties to attend, and friends to bid adieu before it's my girls turn to make her move at the end of the year.

Linking in with Leonie (this is always such an inspiration - thanks Leonie!)
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  1. Lovely idea and that fabric is gorgeous. Cx

  2. I love that fabric! The perfect little present for a 5 year old too!

  3. It turned out great Nin! A perfect gift!

  4. Thats a great little gift for a school kid :) Love the fabric too!! Plus personalised book bags are so much nicer than the school ones!

  5. Perfect wee gift and meaningful gift giving is a perfect header

  6. Oh - it's thanks to youse amazing fellas that there is inspiration to be found! That fabric!!! I bought some from the make cafe in April - love it! and love these gifts - they are perfecto x


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