Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A friend in need is a friend in deed

A while ago I mentioned Miriam made me PJ.s.  In the midst of 'flu my last pair of PJs gave out - the fabric simply disintegrated.  It was a nightwear emergency yo!

I half jokingly talked about modelling them here, but on second thoughts I'm totally chickening out - err pics of me in my nightwear on the internet for all eternity, I think not folks.

Still I wanted to publicly honor the lady who came and collecting a wee parcel (I had two pair cut out ready to sew before the dreaded lurgy set in), whipped these up overnight and returned them to my doorstep the next day.

So yay!  Miriam - this is just about the kindest and nicest show of craftiness and friendship I've had the privileged of experiencing in a good long while.  You are awesome.

You will notice that the last pair are shorter (ahem).  Actually I bought the fabric with Lala in mind.  But she has more pairs of PJs than both myself and my husband combined - no joke.  I was determined to make this work, so hence - 3/4 length with a contrast yoke cut out of the back.

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  1. awww my love tank feels all full now xxx you'd done all the hard work it was a very easy job and nice to be able to do something for such a generous heart xx

  2. Awww two lovely ladies helping each other - you guys are awesome. and the second pair - truth be told I would wear that all day everyday! x

  3. That's so lovely....awesome to have friends like that!! I really like the yoke in the back by the way!

  4. These are so lovely for PJ days. I often potter around in mine 'til late in the day (if I'm not at work lol). Do you do that too?

  5. So pretty! And lovely Miriam :)
    I need new pjs now!!

  6. Miriam's a star isn't she!? Love that she did this for you :-)
    Great PJ's by the way.

  7. Lol cluck, cluck! Nice to have good friends like Miriam :). I really like the yoke on the bottom pair, might have to nick that idea and team it with cuffs on the bottom for 3/4 gardening pants. Love the fabrics you've used and they could almost be casual around home day wear.
    Cheers, Robyn

  8. Awesomeness right there
    Love you girls


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