Monday, August 26, 2013


I've been:

savouring all the signs of Spring.  The hellebores flowering in my garden the sun rising earlier and setting later in particular;

writing posts and not publishing them, they're a good way to work through your thoughts, but they haven't been ground break thoughts - so you've missed nothing I promise.

biking Lala to Kindy two days a week.  Its good for me to not have the car two days a week - beyond the obvious health perks I get an extra 30 minutes in bed in the mornings (not having to take my husband to work) - win!

reading and looking an absorbing.  Balancing weighty business tomes with books about colour and pattern and pretty quilts.

Deb gave me a whole stash of her beautiful books to be inspired, they sit by my bed in a handsome basket calling to me while I wade through the vulgarities of business management.  Its good to be learning and stretching my brain in different ways but I need constant breaks.

biding my time - just one more oral next Friday and I've finished my course (Certificate in Applied Small Business Growth and Development) yay!

listening to my body which says I'm tired take me to bed.  I want to be at my craft more often than I've had time these last weeks.  I shall return - I actually finished a couple of projects on the weekend.  In the end they only need an hour or so to get them across the line.  I'll photograph them this week.

Still I miss my little corner.

Thinking about ...the little things

How about you - whats up?  I visited my blog reader for the first time in a long while over the weekend. Trouble is there are so many to catch up on, after about an hour I felt overwhelmed so I closed it and went to bed!  Missing my regular reads though.  I guess this winter has been a busy season in my life.  I'm looking forward to a new season!


  1. congrats on the course I imagine it has been a real wade at times.... hard head work xx

  2. Yay for being so close to finishing your course - well done! I did the same with my blog reader a few days ago....I've finally caught up...for now atleast! Life is busy, but fulfilling....yay for spring, longer and warmer days :))

  3. I love your little crafting corner and that basket of books is so sweet xxx

    My blog reader is depressing me at the moment ;'( weighing me down with thoughts of obligation to the point I have considered walking away from blogging.

    Big love being sent to you xx

  4. Well done you - oh what a happy day it will be when you're done! and your corner will love having you back :) (in my head I see a cartoon picture of you hugging your corner and little hearts popping out... random I know :) ) Hope you get the rest and respite you need soon xx

  5. I haven't been reading blogs much this winter either. Time... where does it go?
    Listening to your body sounds good, as does the biking. I'm trying to put a bit of money aside to save for bikes for each member of the family for Christmas. I have dreams of us all cycling lots and lots in 2014.


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