Thursday, August 8, 2013


This week I made an apron for a keen baker.

I love going to her house, as there is always something yummy in the tins.  She was lamenting aprons with tiny top halves that don't seem to cover anything, and so I knew in that moment what I could do to repay all her kindness.

I love these kind of epiphanies don't you?

I added a button on towel from some thick waffle fabric - simply hemmed it and added a little orla kiely style ribbon embellishment.  That way she has something at the ready to grab a hot tray from the oven or wipe her hands.

There is no pattern for this, but if you wanted to make something similar you would need half a metre of cotton or linen - I used a yummy Echino from The Make Cafe (this one) and I mixed that with offcuts of cotton chambray from my women'swear line.

The bottom half is around two thirds of the width of the fabric, and I put a few evenly spaced pleats along the top to help shape it to the body.  The top part of the apron is cut from the remainder, again with two pleats either side at the waist to help with shape.  I tried it on Dee and we decided to bring it in a little at the top/sides - so its more of a romboide shape.

For the ties, I winged it with what I had, but you might need to plan for at least 30-50cm of quilters cotton.  I made the tie around the neck narrower than the waist one and super long, so to adjust it you simply make the bow bigger or smaller.
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  1. I love this apron. I've started wearing one in the kitchen sometimes but only have an ugly old one! One day I might have a go at making my own...when my pile of unfinished projects shrinks first. Thanks for the instructions. Cx

  2. What a lovely thoughtful gift and of course beautifully executed!

  3. this is beautiful! I wonder if these could be a good idea for your camera fund x catch up soon xx

  4. This is fantastic. I think that the button for a tea towel on the side is fantastic.

  5. This is gorgeous! I never see aprons that I like but this one is beautiful. I love the handy button on dish towel- perfect!

  6. What a great gift! I love that fabric, such a lush rich colour isn't it!?

  7. oh that is so so fabulous! I am a big fan on aprons, and love the idea of hanging a cloth off the side! What a lovely gift - I am sure it will be appreciated!

  8. That is a lovely way to pay back in kind...and the button on towel is such a nifty idea too!
    Christmas is around the I'm thinking these would knock atleast two of my list!

  9. Great design and gorgeous fabric! Think I'll need to add to my apron collection with some bright colours. It will also shrink the stash somewhat!
    Cheers, Robyn


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