Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Gentle Reminder

Not finished - but this new project is too good not to share.  To me, its the perfect collision of vintage prints and clean graphic block.  Uncomplicated - its all about the fabric y'know?

I made a collection of reproduction feedsack prints in 2011 in two trips Lala and I made to escape the shaking here in Christchurch for a time.

I bought them without any idea what they would be - it was pure retail therapy (which I'm actually quite ashamed of - buying stuff for the sake of it is not my usual modus operandi). Deb might call this 'earthquake therapy' - so we'll go with that huh?

Recently I borrowed The Gentle Art of Quilting from lovely Deb and there was this quilt among the pages. It grabbed me as practically perfect in every way.  I have reproduced it faithfully because I just loved everything about it (usually I take the seed of an idea and put my creative stamp on it - but not this one).

Yes there is much to do - I need to find a navy print to do a deep boarder and of course there is the actual quilting.  But even in its unfinished state this make me happy.

I smile a little secret smile that something so fresh and happy will forever remind me we endured such dark days.  This is my gentle reminder that
"No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow"
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  1. Oh and I'm so glad you shared! It was lovely to open my browser and find this pretty and happy ......It is gorgeous and most definitely certified "earthquake therapy" !!! :)

  2. So lovely - I have a copy of that book too and it's hands down my fav quilting book - I love the way she writes. I love the cleaness and freshness of this quilt. It's so hopeful x

  3. Oh it is really lovely
    fresh modern and with reproduction fabrics

  4. It is gorgeous. I love the prints & the vintage feel to it.

  5. wow Nin, it's really, really beautiful! and so neat and frsh looking.
    i've been looking at the triangle quilt tutorial at My Poppet and dreaming.
    roll on spring like weather!

  6. Absolutely stunning. and those feedsack prints melt my heart. this is gorgeous Nin, what a wonderful happy outcome x

  7. It is so lovely...should be proud of yourself and it will always have a story that goes with it.m xx


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