Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ahoy {Op-shop show off}

A little bit of ephemera this week, well I've had it a while but its needed a scrub with some sunlight soap and sunshine to bring it up.

It adorns our hallway.  I like to think it gives our visitors a little taste of who we are and what we love.

I dream of finding some old weathered oars I can paint and add to the wall alongside this child's jacket. Ours is a long narrow hallway in a bland colour.  There isn't much room for furniture, although we have a little 1920's or 30's shelf for outgoing bits, mail, books for the library, etc.  My challenge is to make this tight space welcoming and fun.

Ellesmere International Flower Show exhibit 'Max's Pipe Dream'

I guess I'm still being inspired by this gorgeous space I saw at the Ellerslie Flower Show a couple of years ago.  I love how the colour makes this industrial space with its rather sharp lines and hard textures warm and welcoming.  Food for thought!

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  1. Looks great. Love the stripes. Cx

  2. Narrow hallways are hard to decorate. In mine i have an atists easel propped up against a wall and a vintage suitcase.
    I do like the bright striped jacket. x

  3. the life jacket is fantastic, very preppy! now i've twigged finally the sailor bit of sailor spy, but the spy bit?
    have you come across sailor bracelets before? let me know if not as i have a couple floating (ha!) around somewhere and i shall send you one (new, not vintage btw) x

  4. Can imagine the pop of colour! the oars will be a great touch :)


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