Thursday, September 5, 2013

Birdie Baby Quilt {Pin Real Life}

This week's crafty effort (in a week leading up to a market too, what was I thinking?) is a baby quilt for my husband's colleague.  The couple in question have chosen not to know what sex their baby is.

I decided I would just flat out ask her (Huz's colleague) what colours she would like.  I don't know what polite protocols you follow, but I felt like I wanted a shot at making something they would enjoy using and that fit in with their decor.  Once I knew she was decorating the nursery in 'pale aqua and lemon' this design popped into my head.

Inspired by this here pin on Pinterest.  

Just as an aside - is anyone else having trouble with pins disappearing off your Pinterest boards?  I know this pin was there - I've visited it often and yet when I went to look just now so I could link it , it was gone.  Makes me wonder how much else has dropped off my boards? Maybe its a good thing in this over-saturated world we live in - use it or lose it?

I've wanted to practice and perfect my free motion skills, and while I hesitated with this gift (what if it goes all wrong?!) I had a half day on the weekend all to myself, I got my 'Mellow' playlist going and went for it.

While I'm sure there are many out there in the world who are better at this than I, I'm happy to give this gift - I believe it measures up! And that's all I have to say about that.

Click here and prepare yourself for craftiness abound:
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  1. Love it. And, your free motion quilting looks pretty good too. Cx

  2. it looks amazing - you should see the things I make for hubbies colleagues! Wonderful work and a beautiful eye for balance as always x

  3. Adorable! gorgeous design and colours and the free motion looks fantastic! go you! No doubt they are going to Love it! x

  4. It's beautiful! I'm sure it will be very well received.

  5. WOW! Nin! Once again, I'm just so impressed! Your quality and workwomanship is always impeccable! LOVE IT!


  6. It is gorgeous. What a fabulous gift.

  7. It's beautiful and I love the colour combo! Your free motion stitching is perfect in my eyes :) x

  8. Oh Nin, its totally beautiful!!! One of the most beautiful baby quilts Ive ever seen.
    What a beautiful gift and your free motion quilting is perfect!
    I have had the same problem with pinterest!

  9. gorgeous! Love the colours and your free motion quilting looks great (I'm always too scared to do that, but you've given me some confidence!)

  10. that is so lovely! It is such a lovely gift!

  11. Oh I love it - so sweet and fresh - what a delightful detour from the other things you were supposed to be doing! And I am sure the recipients will be thrilled with it.


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