Saturday, September 14, 2013

My 'hood

Saturday was a gorgeous Spring day.  We took some visitors to our city out to see the sights.

At the Temple for Christchurch  - I love the way the structure echos the town hall behind it.  

The idea behind this is "Building and burning a Temple for the people of Christchurch as a way to release their earthquake experiences."

We wandered around and read some of the messages.  Some hopeful:

This one made me smile....
I imagine it will be a few more years yet - hang in there!

I bought a sharpie to write my own message - someone pipped me at the post:

 In the end I wrote:

And around the corner we played at The Pallet Pavillion.  One of the Gapfiller golf greens is here, my girl popped a hole in one first try - not bad for a 4 and a half year old!

The names painted on each pallet represent the people, families and business' who sponsored this space

And also springing up on this spot are these semi-permenant arcades sponsored by The festival of Transitional Architecture ("FESTA").  They point the way to Victoria Park.  These are such beautiful forms - leading you down to Victoria Park.

There are so many new and temporary things to love in Christchurch these days, if you were visiting from out of town I recommend parking here at the pavilion (70 Kilmore Street).  There are no less than four cafes/eateries within 20 meters of this spot and parking is free!

Belatedly linking in with Meghan for the first time in aaaaaages.


  1. Your city has some pretty amazing things going on, I hope to save my pennies and visit again soon xxx

  2. Some awesome new things to see and do! An upside :)


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