Monday, September 2, 2013

One day...

Do you have projects you've thought about for months or even years?  Perhaps you have bought the fabric for it.  Perhaps you have done a little drawing, you've rolled it round in your head as you go to sleep at night. This is how it is for me.

Sometimes it takes a challenge or a little competition (aherm) to get me to do a long overdue project.

Super glad am I then, that along came The Linen Project - and I knew this would be the push I needed to put one of the little projects I've been meaning to do front and centre.

Because now I have this much needed padded Ukuele case under control I have room in my brain for the next 'One day..." project to marinate.


  1. It is adorable! Nothing like a push to make things happen - and one is always so pleased when it does! Gorgeous case Nin x

  2. So cool Nin! Love the colours! The red matches the Uke so well! x

  3. That is completely gorgeous...I've been meaning to make covers for our ukes for I inspired or daunted by the loveliness of yours? Yup, def inspired!

  4. I love that cover! Makes me want to make covers for all of our stringed instruments!

  5. oh, that is so cute! What a great set of fabric choices!


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