Thursday, September 12, 2013

Stumble and fall

Today I bring you....

an epic fail.  You are forgiven for wondering what the heck is that?  Not a tea cosy, no no my friends I started this project with every intention of having a bi-colour (not tri-colour) slouchy hat.  I tried to scale up a baby hat pattern, but err I think I made a miscalculation.

Does my head look good in this??

I may have bitten off more than I could chew.  But that's me - always the optimist.  On the upside I tackled stranded knitting technique and working in the round with four needles.  I don't like the four needle thing and I'm thinking this is why I have a little nubby bit on top.  Maybe that would block out - maybe not.  

I showed this to a friend who rather appropriately set her face to horrified and helpfully suggested it might fit her 30 cup teapot - ahhh if only I had bound off an opening for the spout.

Okay - that's enough self-deprecation...I have a point.

While I was thinking over writing this post I started giggling to myself about the monstrosity it became. The funniest thing is I actually finished it!  My husband stopped looking at TV to stare at me quizzically.  I felt quite buoyant all of a sudden.

Laughing about it made me realise that this is what being creative is all about - embracing the unknown and not letting the possibility of a fail stand in the way of giving it a go.  In fact if you indulge your creativity often enough then statistically speaking you are going to fail - many, many times.

I don't knowingly let anxiety about perfection/making a mistake or apparently 'wasting' time or resources stand in the way of trying something new but maybe there is a bit of that going on.  In any case this is a lesson I can apply to all sorts of areas in my life.

Pinned here and inspired by an article I read recently on The Happiness Project

Now when I attempt this hat again I will know exactly what not to do and maybe I'll end up with the slouchy bi-colour hat of my dreams.

Making life beautiful, one imperfect moment at a time.  If you feel like it, let me know how you deal with your crafty failures.....ooor you could go and swoon at some lovely finished things at Leonie's show and tell linkie-dink

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  1. Love this. Even though it doesn't fit, I like the scallop pattern in it. Cx

  2. lol... I agree with CHD, it is gorgeous regardless of it not fitting. Such a pretty pattern and colours.

  3. Ohh that is so funny. The pattern is great though. I use circular needles as I worry that I will lose a needle if doing 4

  4. Teehee! I had a wee giggle at the second pic, wasn't expecting that! I love the design too, and hope that you find some kind of home for this hat...

  5. It's lovely, shame it doesn't fit. Good that you can laugh about it, I think that's something that I need to work on.

  6. I bet there's someone out there somewhere with a huge headfull of dreadlocks who can never find a hat to you just have to find that person!

  7. Seriously... I laughed and laughed at the second photo. not at you but with you :) Such a pretty pattern... where would we be without "failures?" i like to call it Learning rather than failing :P i know, issues right? Thanks for this - so refreshing and fantastic!

  8. that quote is so fab! it makes me laugh and the photo of you is also a classic. You've made me smile xxx

  9. Love this post you made me laugh with tears
    Love xxx

  10. perfect for a bad face day (so much worse than a bad hair day). It is a lovely thing, if a bit on the large side. however i have a husband who just hot washed half my dark clothes whilst i was sick and shrunk heaps, who could work a bit of magic on it for you!

  11. LOL!!! love this the hat too, maybe not the size...hehehe
    So true though, we all are going to have failures, though without them how would we learn! :)) x


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