Monday, September 16, 2013

Theatre {Becoming the Mama I want to be}

There is a sign up at our Kindy:
"If you do it for me
all you teach me is
that you can do it better"

Recently I was asked to write a few words on behalf of Kindy about my views on their pedagogy.  That quote came to mind. I told them this:

Its hard sometimes to sit back and let Lala explore craft, because I guess I have a lot of knowledge in this area - its my superpower.  I must be mindful to be listening for her to ask me for ideas and help, to suggest but not to drive, force, impose or coerce.  

Its not even a situation where we are collaborating - I wish to simply enable (handle the craft knife!) and to ask the right questions for her to explore and problem solve on her own.  

When I do it just right something really special happens.  I learn.  I am amazing at her talent.  I am entertained and generally we end up rolling around on the floor tickling each other because that's what you do when you tell a fantastically story involving stick ballerinas that makes your Mum laugh like crazy.

Some other stuff
I bought these shaped icecream sticks from the $2 shop and stashed them away for a rainy day.  

When the time was right I bought out her box of fabric scraps and trims, paper doilies, markers, glitter glue and my tubes of acrylic.  

She really didn't want to go with anything other than the paint.  I know its messy, but she is nearly five and really quite a careful girl.  I need to show her I can trust her to look after my 'good' equipment, and you know what - she did.  She also did a brilliant job of wet mixing paint and produced a lovely ombre effect on one of her models.  This wouldn't have happened if I had insisted that they all needed fabric skirts and washi tape shoes.

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  1. this is gorgeous. my boys would love this and I so get what you mean about the care they take with precious things and the fun it is when we just stop and listen to them xxx thanks for linking in x

  2. Such a lovely thing to do, and very true! It can be hard to sit back and not take over, but so rewarding when you manage to :))

  3. I like the sign. I am wondering if I should have it in my kitchen or if it would just invite disaster. It looks like Lala would make a great theatre director too.

  4. Absolutely brilliant - love it Nin. Stopping and listening and keeping hands off is becoming my favourite part :)

  5. It looks like she had sooo much fun! Love the smile on her face :-)


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