Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Book Score

I seem to be inviting a few books in through the declutter recently.  These three were in a box of free stuff outside the op shop this week.  I'm so glad I stopped to have a look.

The little blue bible needs some repairs to its spine - but it has the previous owners name, the sunday school they attended and date.  Love that.

The volume of poetry was just right for the long weekend coming up.  I don't feel like committing to a novel, but wanted something with substance, that could transport me.  Auden is perfect.

What really got me excited is the little person's picture book circa early '60's.

The illustrations are familiar, they trigger a memory from long ago and I think my Grandmother had a picture book by the same illustrator - but I don't recall it being about Christmas.

The text is a brilliant, and I'm really looking forward to adding it to our modest collection of Christmas books that live with the decorations and get pulled out after Lala's birthday right at the beginning of December. Because that's how we roll in this house.

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  1. Those drawings are adorable - what a lovely special collection :)

  2. all three are lovely in their own way. love the xmas one the mostest though, so cute x

  3. that is just gorgeous x great scores!


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