Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Feathers of an Arrow {Op shop show off}

A tale of old and new.  At the op shop the other week I found this what looked to be unused furoshiki (Japanese gift wrapping cloth).

I love the pattern and I've seen it about a bit lately.

Recently I made a whole bunch of Aprons for a local cafe and I used a larger scale version of this pattern for some.

Because I'm a bit of a pattern nerd I went an did a little research and found it is a traditional pattern called Yabane or Feathers of an Arrow.  Its been used in Kimonos for hundreds and hundreds of years - particularly a bride's wedding kimono.  The hidden symbolism is to do with the fact that once you let fly an arrow it never comes back, so this is given as a happy wish that the bride and her groom shall never part.

It fascinates me that something so old can look so fresh and relevant to now.  Also I love that a pattern has a story beyond colour and composition - it has a depth of meaning which we don't seem to value so much in this day and age.


  1. What an awesome pattern specially given it's lovely meaning - great find too :)

  2. oh nice - love that you are a pattern nerd!! :o) xx

  3. kimono motifs are fascinating. i saw an exhibition, at the Hawkes Bay museum I think, of kimono with explanations of the meanings of all the different mons. such a beautiful language!


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