Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The written word {Kids Holiday Project}

The other day I was passing a little second hand book shop (Lincoln Road, Addington if you're in Christchurch and want to check it out).  They had a table outside with the siren call 'Fill a bag for $2'.  What caught my attention were several cricket books, and as I delved I found several tomes with lovely faded vintagey covers.

Yes I took a bag home, feeling slightly cross with myself that I broken my own rules about inviting more clutter into our home, but I was able to pass the cricket books on to my brother and nephew (I come from a cricket mad family).

The two pictured are currently at home on my husband and I's respective nightstands.

As for "Geography Today" (circa 1940 - a school girl's textbook owned by at least 3 young ladies at Avonside High); and "Cricket Prints - Some Batsmen and Bowlers 1920-1940" they became a holiday crafting project for Lala and I.

To be honest Lala started the folding with a hiss and a roar, but the project lost its appeal after half a dozen pages.  For a finishing flourish, I cut new end papers from some scrapbooking paper and used glue stick to adhere them.

If you are keen to try this project at home, there are plenty of websites around with tutorials and instructions. We have attempted only basic forms, but there are some truly spectacular examples around.  You may want to check out my Pinterest board and follow some links from there.

I working under the rather flimsy assumption that if its decorative, its not clutter.  At least its not joining the ranks in the garage or a cupboard as a 'some day' project.

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  1. These are really lovely
    What a clever idea

  2. Love it - and the flair makes them look extra pretty!

  3. Very cool! I like how you added the special end papers, it really makes a big difference.

  4. gorgeous books, the texture of the yellow one, it should be a law that all books are cloth bound! i love these Nin, and agree with louana, the end papers make them look very, very beautiful indeed x

  5. This is so cool, Nin. I love them!


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