Thursday, November 7, 2013

Little Gifts for Littles

Just lately we seem to be entering 'Birthday Party' season, which of course is closely followed by 'Christmas gift giving' season.  Its the business end of the year for those of us devoted to a handmade kind of life.

At the same time, many of my other 'bigger' projects have stalled because the next step requires money for more materials, or lots of space and time, or both.

Its satisfying then to do little projects done and dusted in a day or less and using materials I already have in the stash (stash reduction is always satisfying isn't it?).

I made this for a wee girl we know who turning 5 recently.  She had a birthday party over the weekend and I made this in plenty of time, feeling quite proud that I hadn't left it till the last minute.   Ahhhh the pride before the fall.  I checked her mother's blog a few days before the party only to find she had already made one for her daughter.  Not a problem - I have another recipient in mine (whose mother lamented those cheap synthetic things you get at stationery store which get shredded in now time).

On to plan B, I quickly whipped up a crochet/sewing kit.  This 5 year old is already into her craft and will sit quietly with me learning to crochet!  My hope is that its an object she can treasure for years to come.  As much as I wanted to be organised there was a mad dash to the craft shop at 4.50pm on a Friday afternoon to get just the right ribbon to close it with.  Ah well, 'crafting by the seat of my pants' continues to be my modus operandi.

Another quick gift - this tunic/dress is simplicity itself.  I wanted something for a Operation Christmas child box I was putting together a couple of weeks ago - the age range for that box was 5-9.  My thinking is this would be either a dress or a tunic.

Deb gave me a few sewing projects to finish off for her when she moved out of her home for earthquake repairs recently and that pattern was in there.  She got it here.  

I whipped the whole thing up in 25 mins (including maybe 10 minutes for laying out and cutting the pieces)!  I didn't realise until just now the sleeves were meant to be elasticated (puffed).  All I had was the pattern pieces - whoops.  

Still I though I would mention that if you are a beginner sewer and want to do a dress with sleeves - then this raglan style is far less intimidating that a set in style, and super quick.  Obvs.

If your interested, here are some others in the crafty community doing that thing they do:

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  1. gorgeous as always, I love the way you choose fabric and here's to seat of the pant styles!! :o) x

  2. How sweet, i love seeing your little projects x

  3. Love the gifts, I'm sure the crochet hooks will be well loved! AND I love the dress, I'm sure I'll be pulling my sewing machine out soon to sew dresses for my lil girl (she's still too small for dresses yet!)

  4. Oh, I love the sleeves just as they are! Gorgeous sewing projects.

  5. I love it. Great to see a different sleeve. Never admit you missed something, just that you adapted it to suit your style

  6. What a great little crochet kit! So beautifully made too ... love the fabric choice. The dress looks very sweet just the way it is :) Wendy

  7. Hahaha - i see what you mean! I am sure the little girl (and her onto it Mum!) both loved the gift :) the fabric on the roll up and the bag are just too adorable - love it :) and thanks for linking up Nin! always great to have you along :)

  8. I quite like it with the sleeves the way you've done them, much more airy for Summer and better sun protection too!

  9. Theyre all lovely projects and quick is ALWAYS!! satisfying....I especially love that little crochet roll up! She will be so stoked with it :))


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