Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Que Será, Será

One of the greatest challenges about the human condition is not knowing what's around the corner.  When so many of us, it seems to me, yearn to know our future before it has arrived.

It can be overwhelming awaiting a big decision which starts a dominion effect of other big decisions, ones I've been waiting to make - some for a year, and others for many many years.  As hard as I try to live in the present I get distracted lately with the 'what if....'

I found myself like this today, trying to work on stuff for a market on the weekend, but restless, I couldn't settle and enjoy the task at hand.  I gave up and I went in to my daughter's Kindy and hour early and helped out.

It was so refreshing to be among young minds whose only concern is the present "Will you be my friend"; "Will you push my on the swing"; "Come play 'cats' with me".

For them the future is Birthdays and Santa and Grandad coming for dinner on Thursday.

By the end of tomorrow I may or may not have taken a huge step along a path that changes our path so completely.  I can not know if we'll be successful and our chances are slim, but still I find myself playing "What if...."

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  1. She is utterly adorable Nin :) There's a lot of big what if's around here too and have been for a while... we have somehow learned to try to carry on with life as per normal as much as possible. I hope you find some peace and certainty soon and the big step brings lots of joy x

  2. Praying that you can keep your hands open as your mind wanders xx

  3. I know what you're saying ... the what ifs - they are so much to juggle sometimes aren't they.


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