Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas wishes

My darling husband asked me last night what I wanted for Christmas.  So this is really for him, but I thought you may be interested.

Lucky Felt has a cool little functions like 'wishlist' and in this case 'showcase' so you can help your rellies out. Also on my wish list this year is a volume of Robert Frost poetry, although its getting unlikely anything shipped from the UK will arrive here in time.

What are you crushing on right now - what's on your wishlist for Christmas?

Kiwiana Garden Art SAW

BFL sock yarn

Handbound Leather Journal - 21cm x 15cm

Leather cosmetic purse

Geometric Wooden Bangle (medium)

Beautiful Pure Silk Scarf - Edition 04

Leather bracelet - silver and white

Swan Retro Stripe

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