Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Secret Santa

Just recently I went out to a social event.  With real people and everything.

This was Juliet's third year of the No So Secret Santa Swap - this is just an excuse for local blogger types to "get out from behind the screen" as Miriam puts it and enjoy each other's company.

It pains me that this will be the last event I'll attend at Miriam's for quite some time - they are Adelaide bound in the New Year.  She is such a great hostess, but I'll miss her for more than just that and I don't quite have the words to describe how much I treasure this woman, how grateful I've felt that she resides just around the corner from my house.

Anyway the guidelines are that we each give a gift anonymously to an other (I'll show you what I made later in the week).  This can be thrifted, made or baked and shouldn't cost more than $10.  There is then a game of guessing who made your gift for you.  I'm not good at the guessing.  I enjoy it not.  For the third year running I was totally wrong with my guesses, but in my defense the lovely Jamie of Christchurch Mums has been hiding her crochet and jewelry making light under a bushel.

I am honestly delighted with the cotton cowl she crocheted and the sweet earrings she made just for me.  Did you know I have a bit of a thing for scarfs?  Perhaps I did mention it here and its not such a mysteriously perfect gift.

I think it deserves a picture in situ, as it were but my!  can you tell I have a sinus infection? I wish you could get a face cream to cure the ravages of exhaustion and illness.  Sleep and rest and a little looking after myself are in order I think.


  1. I don't think any of us would have correctly guessed your secret Santa this year so don't feel bad! Such a beautiful gift, and a lovely evening too.

  2. Gorgeous gift! Loving that cowl and seeing you step out from behind the camera

  3. I love the hiding under a bushel reference - perfect! Jamie is a dark horse I had no idea she was a crocheter either. Will miss you in lots of ways too my lovely fabric geek xxx

  4. Lovely gifts! What a great tradition you guys have with this evening :)

  5. Wow a social event with real people! You certainly are game, I have not been to one of those for ages. ;) Beautiful gifts! Take care of yourself. x

  6. social? people? yes, i vaguely recollect those events, heh. and JAMIE!!! that scarf is fantastic, what a dark horse!
    p.s wish i looked as lovely when sick :0)


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