Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Made {by many hands}

Almost two years ago now I signed  up for a Modern Quilting Bee.  It was really in my heart and on my mind to finish this before Christmas this year and made it!

Many hands stitched these blocks for me, and I for them.  Some are good friends of mind - some are women I have never met.  But we all stitched six or seven blocks of our choice in the recipients colours and popped them in the mail.

They came from far away on other continents and some came from just down the road.

I had such complicated plans for the layout of this quilt - in the end the simplest plan seemed to work the best.  I used a vintage flannel sheet and incorporated 3 more blocks on the back.

I laugh now at how much I tried to 'design' the look of the quilt before it was done.  In the end, this one is what it wanted to be.

To my fellow Bee members
Cat , Juliet , Leonie ,  Sharon , Kelli , Laura, Debra and Lisa, thank you.

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  1. It's beautiful!!!! I love how you've laid it out and I love the binding!

  2. WOW Nin this has turned out absolutely gorgeous I LOVE it !! !! !!

  3. ooh, it is absolutely lovely. great colour choices x

  4. It looks fantastic Nin! Well done for finishing it and being happy with the result! I think that makes two participants with finished quilts - wahoo!

  5. Its beautiful and I love that you hand quilted it too :)) Must get mine out and create my quilt!

  6. aww I see my block.i love love love your quilt.acyually the colours are SUPER PRETTY !! just beautiful xo


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