Friday, January 17, 2014

Shed {not your garden variety}

....yup that's my word for the year folks.

I've given up on a list of resolutions some years ago in favour of a theme, a buzz word a touchstone if you will.

Last year was 'Take it easy' and that went pretty well for oh, say 10 months.  The last two just got cray.  I've learnt that the rest of the universe don't give a fig for your touchstone, but I am undaunted.

So back to the 'Shed' thing.  This year is about letting go gracefully, shedding the past and moving forward to whatever that may be.

We've just returned from the Marlborough Sounds.  It was invigorating these (too few) days in a peaceful place, were cell phone reception could not follow.

We took the grandparents along, who came visiting all the way from Scotland.  I felt so privileged to share this amazing corner of New Zealand with them.

This is what passes for a road in Endeavor Inlet.  'The Pines' is a little string of baches hugging the shoreline and connected to Furneaux Lodge by a short section of Queen Charlotte Track.

I delighted in the spots of colour - several retirees live here and keep the most amazing gardens.

There was fishing, and sunsets on the balcony and twilight walks in the forest and star-gazing in sleeping bags drinking beer and listening to Woodface (90's musical gold in my humble opinion).

If I'm truthful this was one of these holidays we just didn't want to be over.  None of us.  Lala cried when it was time to jump on the boat and sail home.

Still here we are, staring down the barrel of February and another one of my annual Scrap Bag Swaps.  I'm just fining up the details, but I'll be ready to share soon.

I hope you had a restful Christmas and New Year period.  Have you come up with some resolutions or a word for the year?  Do tell.


  1. I really enjoyed Your photoes!

  2. Beautiful! I've felt the same as you about these summer holidays, I think there is something to be said for going to idyllic places where there's no cellphone coverage and unplugging from the internet and all its distractions for a while.

  3. Love you. Looks like you had a beautiful holiday :)

  4. Looks absolutely beautiful Nin - what a lovely experience for you all! Hope you are able to keep the touchstone "alive" through this year - a great one it is too - good luck x

  5. Such a beautiful place to unwind! And I wish you the best for what this year has to offer :) x


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