Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Annual Scrap Bag Swap 2014

Have you every stopped to consider that the fabric left over from your crafty project cost just as much as the original meterage?  Quality craft fabric here in New Zealand can cost you up to $33 per metre so it pays to use every last bit.

Lets face it though, after 2-3 projects you can get bored with the fabric and still have leftovers.  Sometimes it would be nice just to have a little piece of something without having to commit to a 'minimum cut'.  

So scraps are handy to have around, and the interweb is awash with cunning tutorials for projects both small and large to help us along in our admirable aim to save money and fully utilise resources.  Just check out the Pinterest Board Scrap Bag Swappers filled last year.

February is nearly upon us, so I invite you to have a clear out of your fabric stash and get an injection of inspiration from someone else's.  If this spins your wheels, I have a handy dandy signup form at the bottom of this post.

Key Dates
  • Sign up open until Sunday 2nd February, 5pm
  • You'll receive your recipients name on or before Tuesday 4th February
  • Scraps must be posted by Monday 10th February
  • Challenge & Blog Hop run from 10th February - 10th March 2013 (details of this I will post here soon)
  • For those of you keen to enter the competition, photos of finished projects need to be uploaded to Pinterest 11th-13th March
  • Public voting and competition judging 14th - 21st March
  • Winners published back here Monday 24th March
I want you to know...
This year is going to be a little different from previous years.  If you haven't ever participated with this swap then head straight over to the sign up form.  All the details you need to know are on there, otherwise read on...

I want to encourage the creativity and minimise the stress.  In previous years I have asked that you package your scraps in a handmade bag.....with varying levels of success it must be said.  This year, there is no bag component.  

I'm not going to hold you back if you want to make your recipient a bag, or send her chocolate (if you get me anything from Messrs Whittakers makes me very happy).  And it would be nice of you to write a note - y'know just to connect with your fellow human.

So how much do I send I hear you ask?
The minimum requirement is a Standard Size 2 Postage bag also known in postal circles as a C5 click here for the exact dimensions

What is a scrap?
I'm asking you to use your judgement here.  While a lot of us can use something as small as a postage stamp, a whole bag of postage sized pieces is quite limiting.  Send a variety of scraps - strips, squares, rectangles - anything the size of a plain DLE envelope is quite useful.

Because there is no compulsory crafting, the timeframe for sending the scraps is a little tighter - you'll have just a week to pop your scraps in to a post bag and get it off to your recipient.  I've done it this way so that everybody get's their scraps at the beginning of February and they have all month to play with them.

And the biggest change - there will be challenges and there will be prizes for those of you keen to create and share your awesomeness with the world.

I'm doing this to encourage you to get crafty and to share it, not fret about whether you are making the 'right' thing for your recipient, so unleash the creative juices I say!

And on that, it you are on Instagram (I'm SailorSpy) I would love you to post pictures of your WIPs with the hashtag #scrapbag2014 so I can be tantalised with your progress!

Having said that this competition component is completely optional - you don't have to enter a project to participate in the swap.  I'll shall reveal more details about the challenge and blog hop in the comings days (so be sure to pop back for a visit, yes?)

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