Wednesday, January 29, 2014


So.  There was an interesting conversation over on my Instagram feed yesterday that cropped up around the Scrap Bag Swap.  As it turns out the commentators  hadn't participated in my swap at all.  It dawned on me, as the conversation unfolded that they were referring to other swaps and expressing their general dissatisfaction with the concept.

I know all the girls involved in the conversation and there was no malice intended there.  I'm sure of it.  But at the same time I feel sad that others (you?) might have got the wrong idea and were perhaps put off about joining in.

I've been sorted through two crates of my own scraps this morning, readying them to go to someone else and drawing out some pieces for projects I'm going to share with you throughout the month.  While I worked (played!), I reflecting on what went down yesterday and  I really feel like I need say......

I've been running this swap as an annual thing for four years now.  In that time, I can count the number of unhappy people on one hand, and in those circumstances either myself or friends like Ann have stepped in and acted as a swap angel, sending an extra parcel so that everyone has something yummy in the mail.  For that reason I can guarantee you will get something.

If we all approach this with an open heart, and give what we would expect to receive, within the stipulated time frame, then everyone should be happy - its that simple.

My personal approach to swaps is to focused on what I will give, not what I will received.  This sets me free from disappointment, because I let go of any expectations.

But mostly using constraints within a project (such as having other's choose some of the materials and fabric sizes) doesn't hinder creativity it enables it.  You are free to interpret the fabric you are given into any object you wish. The amount of projects you can create is limitless.  Don't believe me?  Check out the Pinterest board the Scrap Bag Swap group created last year - there are 187 odd ideas to get you started.

I do hope you are encouraged to join in this project with me.  I have organised some prizes for those of you who want to take the swap a step further and participate in a challenge to create beyond the 'giving and receiving'.

Add to that, I have a bunch of creative friends willing to share with you their projects and a big project of my own and you will not be short of inspiration.  (I'll be posting the lineup for that next week).

I would love it if you would spread the word - there is a button over there on the right you can grab and pop in a post or on your blog.

Let us remember that by and large this is a global community of caring, giving, honest and generous people. Well that's been my experience to date!


  1. aaah yes giving as you'd like to receive is always key - always!

  2. ""Let us remember that by and large this is a global community of caring, giving, honest and generous people.""
    I like this Nin
    And I have never been disappointed by your scrap swap in fact quite the opposite I have felt swappers guilt

  3. I have totally enjoyed taking part in your scrap bag swap over the past few years. I love sending off a package and receiving a surprise package in return! I appreciate the randomness of it all! That's part of the fun right?

  4. I loved taking part last year! I was stoked with what I received and I loved thinking up something special for and stalking my swap partner for her likes etc.....would love to have been part of it this year too, but I know my commitments at home are priority for now :)) Definitely give how you would like to receive!


It makes my day to recieve your comment, so thanks for taking the time! :o)