Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Embrace the fire

I've been a little quiet here because a dear dear family member is dying.  Yeah - way to go leading with a Taboo subject.  We don't really talk about what happens when the end of our life is near, do we?

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For myself,  I have never been in a position to sit with a loved one who knows they are dying and has accepted it.

There is some primal part of ourselves that wants to run away.  Not to face it, because we are afraid of the emotional hurt.  In much the same way as you won't stick you hand in a fire, your primitive brain says "This is going to hurt, lets get out of here".

What I've learnt in the last few days is to embrace that fire.  Its been such a gift to be with my loved one, to laugh at shared memories, listen to her stories, sing her favourite hymns and read her favourite passages from the bible.  I feel so grateful there has been time to say all that needed to be said an more.  So grateful that she knows how much we all care, admire and love her.

All she wants in the end is to not be alone, and this we can do for her.  I can draw closer, I can embrace this fire.

The other night my cousin and I both sat with her through the night - both of us working away on crafty projects by lamplight.  My grandmother commented that the view from her bed was 'just lovely, like looking into a Dutch painting".

Consequently, I'm a little late with some planned posts around the scrap bag swap.  The signup has now closed and there will be a post in the next 24 hours around a fantastic blog hop I've planned.  Bare with me.


  1. beautiful post my friend xxx thinking of you as you journey with her xxx

  2. Embrace the fire
    Thinking of you Nin xxx

  3. Embracing it is definitely the best way if you can manage it and I'm glad you are able to take that path with your grandmother. May that path be full of happy memories to share until the end.

  4. Such a beautiful view on embracing that fire

  5. Much love to you and your family xxx We felt so blessed to be by Mikes dads side when he passed last is a beautiful thing to be part of someones last moments.


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