Friday, April 4, 2014

Autumn Wardrobe

Autumn has come to our part of the world.  I, and many of my Crafty Mama friends too have turned our thoughts to sorting out winter wardrobes.  Culling what is too small, and making ready for the cooler months ahead.

My major achievement in this direction is the 'Bella Mia' jumper - finally completed.  And guess what - she loves it.  And this may have something to do with the beautifully soft, non-scratchy Red Riding Hood merino I was lucky enough to win.

I haven't been feeling the urge to start large or complicated projects, my mojo being retarded somewhat by the new part time job, the new routine.  I know it will return to me at some point, but in the meantime I content myself going through my cupboards, finishing, binning or gifting to someone who can use it projects started long ago.

This little bag is one such - it was upcycled from a dress I found at the local Steiner School market and was going to be the lining in a much more complex bag.  Now it is a forging bag for Lala, which is timely as we are finding so much Autumn treasure on our walks around the neighbourhood (leaves, seed pods, a birds nest and feathers)

A skirt was an easy hour at the sewing machine - I recieved this rectangle of fabric in the scrap bag swap recently - already lined and hemmed.  All I had to do was join it into a round and add some elastic - win!

Finally - leggings.  We can never have enough it seems.  In part this is an attempt to safeguard my daughters modestly.  5 year olds will roll around with their feet in the air at any opportunity I've noticed - this is joyful and lovely, but there is no need for strangers to know what colour your knickers are I feel.  Also there is a practical element, as Lala will want to wear her pretty summer dresses in the dead of winter.  I remember being the same as a child, and why not I say. 

I used a gorgeous (but stained right on the centre front) angora knit for these I picked up at the op shop.  It was only when I finished that I realised how well it works with the skirt.  Nice.

I got an email about the kids Clothing Week Challenge a couple of weeks ago just as I was making these garments.  One part of me, who loves these sew along type things though yay!  I want to jump in.  I have participated in other weeks, but the last couple I haven't managed to do as much as I wanted, or blog about it - life has gotten too full and I end up beating myself up for not doing a great job on the follow through.  Soooo I'm still thinking about this.  

Lala does need a raincoat, and I am really intrigued with the Mini-me theme this time especially as my girl exclaimed that other week that I have the better wardrobe and she wished she could dress just like me!

Are you signing up?  I'm still thinking about it, maybe if someone I knew was doing it too, it would be the push I need.

Whether or not you're keen-----go check out the Kids Clothing Week website, from humble beginnings its turned in to a fantastic resource for anyone interested in making kids clothes, no matter what your skill level.

kid's clothes week


  1. Yeah for a finished jumper !!! And love that skirt fabric. Lovely to see you in my reader this morning

  2. Well done you! these look great and will no doubt be (and already are!) adored! Yay for wins and satisfying makes x

  3. Such pretty makes. I had four boys so never had the chance to make pretty things!


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