Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Double, double, toil and trouble

The days a sliding by in a blur of school and work.  Being that this is the first term for my wee five year old we are just hanging on for the holidays.  Oh!  the tiredness.

All this and a rather large slow burn project has left my evenings bereft of sewing and working with yarn.  I look longingly at my favourite craft books and pinterest, building wonderful ideas in my head. But that is for later.

Last weekend we had a six year old's birthday to go to.  I asked his mother and his teacher for a little direction and found out that he liked to cook, like to dress up and particularly liked to take on the persona of a wizard and 'mix potions'.  

I had in mind a flubber recipe, but a mad dash to a couple of supermarkets on the day of the party failed to procure me the borax I needed.  Instead I found a set of little glass bottles with cork stoppers for $2.90 at Just Incredible ($2 shop).  Win!  

We took these home, and my girl and I search around in our crafty stash and also raided our 'nature table' supplies for some gems.  We would have enjoyed a walk to the park at the end of the street to collect some bits and pieces but it was pouring with rain that day.  

The labels are simple scraps of paper off the edge of a map, so a little heavier than photocopy paper. I used sepia Indian ink and a calligraphy pen.  Also I ran the corners of the labels over a sepia stamp pad before gluing them to the bottles for that authentic aged look.

If your interested in making a set of these for yourself, this is what I put together:

  • Dragon's Blood (glycerin and red and black food colouring) - you'll need to supervise the use of this one!
  • Phoenix Feather - I'm luck enough to know a person who keeps exotic birds, so I have a small stash of feathers picked up off the bird cage floor.  Any feather will do - why not try and dye it with food colouring or paint it with water colours for a more phoenix-y effect.
  • Sand from King Tut's Tomb - liquefaction from the pile in our garden.  Sand would be just as good.
  • Shells of the Far Shore - teeny tiny shells 
  • The Green Man's Beard - a piece of lichen
  • Eye of Newt - (in the bigger jar) these are plastic safety eyes.  They'll be good for adding to 'potions', but can be pulled out and washed off for use over and over again.
  • Boomslang - seed pods.  I'll admit I got stuck for inspiring lyrical names here so I referred to the internet and found this list of potion ingredients, there are heaps of good ones!


  1. Wow! What a great gift. I bet it was as fun to make as it was for him to receive.

  2. Such an imaginative and wonderful present. I would have loved to have received something like this as a child xx

  3. So way cool!!! man this is awesome - great ideas and I am sure he was simply thrilled!

  4. what an awesome present - bet he loves it x

  5. What a brilliant idea for a gift. I bet the recipient just loved it!

  6. That's a positive spin on liquefaction!

  7. Brilliant gift and one the recipient will probably remember when they have kids of their own.


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