Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Experiement {Pinspiration}

Here is a quick project, just me fiddling about with the remnants of some air-drying clay.  If you're looking for something crafty to do with the kids these holidays, this is great fun! 

I love handmade bowls which are a little misshappen - a little wobbly.  This is taken to the extreme perhaps - the OCD among you will be curling your toes, I know!?  

The humble leaf used, I stumbled on pressed between the pages of my late grandmother's cookbook.  

I wanted to pick out the detail without colouring the whole bowl and as luck would have it I had some indian ink on hand in apple green - applied with a very fine brush, then eased to the outer edges of the leaf shape with a slightly bigger wet brush got me the varied intensity seen here.  

The surface is shiny because I sealed it 2-3 coats of PVA glue.  Its not enough to make it waterproof, but this serves perfectly as a key/change spot for the contents of my Husband's pockets, and is easily dusted off.

Pinspired by this pin


  1. it's so delightful - i love the organic look of it. gorgeous Nin x

  2. I think it's totally beautiful x


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