Monday, July 14, 2014


I've been:

making little things for people, just because ....

and starting those 'one day' projects, because today is that day

pondering all the details of the new house we're building - yeow! (there is so much going on with that, I'm bound to write about it some more - just saying)

reading lots and lots of interior magazines and blogs.  And Pinterest - let us not forget Pinterest.

shedding a lot of physical things.  This year has been such a change, going back to a part time job has been a necessary sacrifice in order for us to achieve the home ownership dream.  While I've know it had to happen, I still feel sad to say goodbye to my studio.....

but in doing so I feel a lightness too.  Maybe its something to do with having a studio and only having a few hours a week to use it. 


  1. I've been catching up on blogging lately and reconnecting. Big belated hugs from over the straight for you for the last few months. Lala's jumper looks gorgeous. Hoping the house building and move is relatively stress free.

  2. Exciting times, bitter sweet I'm sure. But change is often for the best, hard as it seems at the time. Best of luck with the building process, I love the look of that mood board.

  3. Exciting! House building that is a big project, you have such a wonderful eye I'm sure it will be beautiful xx

  4. oooo sounds very exciting! and you sound very at peace :) hope all is well and things are falling into place xx


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