Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Op Shop showoff: Lyttelton

Lyttelton is a wonderful place to visit on a Saturday - especially if you're a foodie.  I won't bore you with pictures of my beetroot relish, smoked garlic aioli or artisan bread (not that it lasted long enough for a picture).

Alongside all the usual independent growers, bakers and purveyors of fine nosh there are around a dozen other reasons to visit (if like me, you like vintage and quirky).  

On our last jaunt through the tunnel, I picked up this little town and wooden beads.  Does anyone know who made this little town set? 


Sure, they are a little beat up (well played with), but I find the simple shapes and bright colours so appealing.

At the time these weren't as interesting to Miss 5 as the bag filled with miniature plastic dolls and accessories she spent her pocket money on.  After unsuccessfully trying to point out the loveliness of these items I finally had to admit I wasn't buying these for her.

I had some vague notion I'd put the blocks in a toy basket I'm keeping for little(r) visitors.

The beads I though I would donate to school, but once we got home the interest in dollies waned pretty quickly in favour of an every changing array of necklace configurations.

It's so hard to avoid the pull of those popular toys, the ones all the other girls at school have, isn't it?

I'm secretly pleased I bought these gems but I know this is just the start of the "I want what she's got" phase.  One sign of the social changes growing up and starting school bring. In fact I'm astonished that this school term just finished has been full of challenges around relationships rather than learning.

Just goes to show I'm a novice at this parenting thing, doesn't it?


  1. I don't know who made the little town pieces but I know we had some similar pieces for our wooden train set. the beads on the other hand are Jip and Janneke, (pronounced Yip en Yannika) a dutch childrens book series. Hope this helps.

  2. I love simple wooden toys too, and they are so hard-wearing. I'm pretty lucky that my girls (at least at this stage), aren't too bad with accepting that they can't have everything under the sun just because they've seen their friends have it or it's marketed heavily to them on tv. The standard answer they get when they do ask for something is usually "Wait for your birthday/Christmas", which of course is perfect because that latest must-have changes to another gotta-have by the time their birthdays do roll around. Besides, they can go and play at their friends' houses and enjoy their toys while they're there. When their friends come here, there may be fewer toys comparatively speaking but they make their own fun. Hope your daughter settles back into the new term easily, and she finds some lovely friends.

  3. Jip and Janneke beads! Cool!!! If you want to read one of the books we have an English translation.

  4. Oh yeah I buy stuff ( or want to) for myself 'fir the boys' xxx still learning in a new school environment here x

  5. Those are fantastic - I'd want to keep them too! Do we ever master parenting? one could only hope i suppose :) xx


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