Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A lady baby quilt. Pin {real life}

There's this pin on my Quilt Love pinterest board.  I love so much about it - the curved edges, the simply block pattern in vintage sheets and the judiciously used doily.

I don't have a baby anymore - nope she is well and truly a little girl.  Yet I made this one afternoon some months ago, just wanting to make something - anything.

The blocks are rectangles because I had just a remnant strip of the children at play, fabric and I didn't want to waste a bit - that fabric has forced the dimension and design of the whole thing.  The rest of the quilt is made up from reproduction prints with a little some Laura Ashley scraps and a trio of battenburg lace napkins.

I lined the lace blocks, leaving the lace free, so that once quilted the corners can be fingered and handled.  A neat discovery for little hands I think.

The back uses the last piece of my Children at Play print.  As I finished the quilting I found out a workmate of my husbands had just had a baby girl - their fourth child, there only and much longed for girl.  What better gift than an ultra girly, lacy quilt then.

I'm reminded that I needn't have worried about making something without a purpose, but to just go with it when the mood strikes.


  1. It is gorgeous! And I so know what you mean about not wanting to waste that delightful fabric :). Love the rounded corners and the lace and the repo fabrics...everything! A lovely lovely gift that im sure will be treasured x

  2. I love Children At Play - I'm currently using it in the quilt I am making !
    Love the addition of lace

  3. Its absolutely beautiful! I especially love the curved edges! Inpsired! How did you get your binding in that pattern direction? Are you not cutting on the bias? I'd love a crazy stripe for my scrappy quilt!

  4. so cute I love the idea of the lace to play with I would have loved that detail so much as a child (still do as an adult!)

  5. Oh wow Nin, it's beautiful! I love the two blocks of the print with the children on it. So, so lovely.

  6. You're so right. Inspiring :) It's a very pretty quilt, and the machine-quilting looks awesome!


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