Friday, October 3, 2014


My head's been full of 'big things' lately, 'big questions' and convoluted answers.  In these times I turn to my sewing machine, because the process of creating dulls distracting thought - it gives me some peace from myself.  

Despite having less time to sew this year, with the change of lifestyle; I've needed the sewing time more.

So then, knowing how my mind works itself into knots, I happened across Deb's call to arms. A quilt along she said, 'Yes! But, can I change the rules and do my own thing' I said.....(I knew what she would say, but its polite to ask right?)

The back-story with this creation is I started the 'string' collecting with this design in mind hummm 2 years ago, or thereabouts.  Strings lived in milk tins for ages anyway. And then when I started back with the office job earlier in the year I was able to take home a whole bunch of scrap A3 for the paper piecing. Win!

As I pieced the blocks, I became slightly disturbed with how bright they were. Individually I love these fabrics - there are so many dresses, skirts, blouses, shorts, kids clothing and crafty projects I've made under my various 'handles' over the last 5 years.  

But its so so so jarring!  I fell out of love, even after buying some very tame navy boarder fabric to rein it all in.  I had that moment within a project (and I'm sure I'm not alone) where I lamented the time spent to get it this far only to hate it.  So, despondent I hide it in the back of the hot water cupboard for several months.

Over a couple of evenings I've pieced the blocks and added the boarder this week, in solidarity with Deb's quilt along and with her words rings in my ears that "even if its not a masterpiece it still keeps people warm".

And you know what?  I've developed a better view of my mishy mashy quilt.  In fact the longer I look at it the more nostalgic I feel for the scraps given in swaps, the garments and zip purses and crafty interior decor randomness I've created over the years.

I think of the people who are connected through this work - who gave to me or bought from me.  It makes me grateful.

Eventually this will go on the spare bed, and I'm glad to say it will be a cheerier bed for it.  For now, this is as finished as it gets for this quilt (until I can find spare dollars for the batting). 

Meantime, I found a couple more UFOs hanging out in the back of the hot water cupboard needing my attention, and so long as I'm avoiding the entangling big thoughts there will be a few more creations afoot.



  1. I love it Nin !! And it's bright cheery and colourful just like Deb :)
    Hope life is being kind to you xxx

  2. It is gorgeous Nin and it's completely my kind of happy super colourful quilt! Yay for growing to love it and the sum of all it's parts - it's going to be a very happy spare bed xx

  3. I think it is gorgeous, good for you for getting it done x

  4. Nin, I think it's incredibly beautiful (yes, bright - but bright's not bad!) - and all the more so because of all the lovely times and things it reminds you of. xx


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