Monday, October 12, 2015

Home Sweet Home

I started by creating two fabric 'pulls' my swap partner liked both, so I started making teeny tiny houses. Each house was complete and cute on it's own, but...

Let me just start by saying I'm a homebody at heart.

This year has been all about Home - furnishing our first home on a budget, drastically reducing my commute (praise Him!!) so we can spend more time in it; starting a garden from the building site (its hard work, but its very rewarding).......and every day when I come home from work I have enormous gratitude for this space of our own.  I can hardly believe we did it, when for so long it just didn't seem possible.

 pretty soon I realised I had two different quilts going on.  Which was fine - I knew I wanted to free motion the quilting, so I decided whichever one turned out best would be sent.

The one thing that's been squeezed out in the transition to new town, new job, new house, new school is blogging about it.  I have missed it, the chance to play with words; but mostly the happy hours I spent looking at others' weeks unfold and all the email conversations to and fro.

Instagram has kind of taken le blog's place, I mean - it's great to feel that connection again - but not quite.  I miss the swaps, sew-a-thons, glimpses into people's lives; their wonderings and struggles.  It makes me feel like there are a lot like me.

I learnt a lot about working on this scale.  It was challenging, but I really liked the way they turned out.

Serendipity struck - saw the opportunity come up to do the #homesweethomeminiquilt swap over Instagram....I might not be in the right head space to begin sewing a gazillion garments, or trading at craft markets just yet, but I do like the challenge and discipline of having a project with a creative brief and a deadline.  

The final quilt, while note perfect has what I hope reads as a quirky charm

Yes, it was good to be sewing again, and it not be alterations.  Starting this project for someone else got me thinking about fabric, colour and composition.

Since then, I have disappeared into my creative lady cave more and more.  Who knows, I may even take some more pictures so I can blog about it.

I send my tea loving partner a few bits and bobs - I mean, one can never have enough buttons.
Here is the Instagram feed for the Home Sweet Home Swap project.  I've already signed up for another swap project, due next month - but there is my limit.  My mind is bubbling with ideas for quilts and I really feel the urge to scratch that itch for now.

If you want to track me down on Instagram my moniker is sailorspy

Get the quilt pattern here


  1. I agree, it seems as IG has taken over blogging and I too miss blogging .. .. .. Where tho did we find the hours to read write reply and craft previously?
    I have signed up for only one swap in the past year, whereas I used to be in monthly if not weekly LOL swaps.
    Yes I miss it and Yes I am trying to find my blogging mojo again even if it isn't about crafting I am still giving an insight into my life thoughts and mind
    Lovely lovely lovely to see you back in this space

  2. gorgeous work! So happy to think of you finally getting to finesse your own home xxxx

  3. O so exciting to see this post from you! Love the house quilts and no doubt your partner did too! How super exciting and comforting to be in your own space and to be able to make it your own and enjoy it. Look forward to seeing more posts as you scratch the various itches ;) x


It makes my day to recieve your comment, so thanks for taking the time! :o)