Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Moving on

I had in mind another post for today, but then I found Ross Becker's photos on Facebook/Picasa.  Ross has carefully documented what's going on my city street by street - there are literally thousands of photos, its mind-blowing.
16 Bedrow Row - The Wardrobe's now 'al fresco' studio.  You can just see my workbench has collapsed  - this was an incredibly heavy and strong structure - I always thought I would be safe to dive under there if I was caught in an aftershock!  Humm, lucky I wasn't called upon to test that theory.

This was taken about a month ago and while it might be obvious to you reading this and may even appear slightly pathetic; I never really gave up hope I could salvage the client work, machinery, antique furniture, patterns and bits (like my degree!!!) that will no double become part of the rubble as our city is demolished and cleared and made safe.  

I was so so so grateful to have this space, even though it wasn't for very long.  With a toddler on the go and every waking minute so full of her, you have no idea how much peace and inspiration this studio space gave me.  I know it was silly, but every time I opened the door I would feel so grateful.  I remember the good days:
Interior as at November 2010, borrowed from here
It is my hope that in a year or two I can recover my business enough (and there becomes real estate available) to find myself another space.  But for now I shall have to make the best of sharing the living room and be patient enough to deal with my stuff disappearing into one of many of Lala's stash spots.  Is it just me, or does your toddler have kleptomaniac leanings?  From what I can figure, its her way of ensuring she is the centre of my attention always.  Cute but really frustrating.

So to return to the real subject of today's post the creative fire has returned to my belly, and I spent the weekend dealing to niggling little family clothing repairs, finishing up orders, and loading heaps of crafty goodness onto Felt.

Those are the last two Russian Doll doorstops I will do for a while.  I've been doing them for over a year now and what I have realised is that the price they sell (well) at doesn't reflect the hours spent in their creation (yeah that 'ol Chestnut).  

Instead I have made available via the shop patterns or kits with quality wool melton (dressmaking fabric traditional used for tailoring) and a beautiful cream wool/cashmere for the face.  If you've ever tried to source felt suitable for a softie face you will know how limited your options are - acrylic, while cheap goes all fuzzy the minute you finish the piece!

One of these girls is for me and the other one might find its way onto Felt, once I hear back yah or nah from an interested party.

The Debbie Bliss cashmerino made up into a special hat for one very special lady, who is responsible for so many in Christchurch receiving a beautiful handmade quilt.  Cat you are truly one in a million, and I truly appreciate you going out of your way to support many handmade businesses in Christchurch, including my own.

Tomorrow I'll have my first real 'studio' day in ages as Lala is healthy enough to head off to kindy.  Can't wait - love her to bits, but love my space.....y'know?

Hope all is well in you're world.


  1. Our beautiful office :(

    I know that the building and our things are beyond retrieval now but I don't think I'll completely let it go until it's all actually gone. Maybe not even then. It was a lovely place to be and I'm so glad we have that shared memory.

    Very exciting that you are in the groove again (and yay for lots of listings on Felt, hehe)! Love your work x

  2. It's good to see you listing lots on Felt. Here's to a bright & fabulous future x x

  3. Sorry to hear this Nin, I had been crossing my fingers for you that you would be able to get some of your stuff back :-(

    Pleased to hear you are getting creative again- I saw your kits on felt last night and thought it was a fab idea

    Take care and enjoy your day alone!

  4. Oh Nin, where to start a comment on this post?!?
    So glad to hear that you've got your creative mojo back. Enjoy your creative time tomorrow. I can imagine how emotional you are about seeing those photos, they brought a tiny wee tear to the corner of my eye and I've never been there, I just know how much your studio meant to you.
    and yes, yes, yes, Cat is one in a million! Such a kind and caring soul.

  5. Awwww thank you Nin -
    I'm really excited my hat will be here soon to help keep my 'Auckland Cold' head warm xxx
    Supporting Christchurch business is just a small step I can do to help Canterbury . . .
    Big Love xxx

  6. Sad to see the lovely old building and your studio like this :(.
    Glad you have your mojo back though.
    Lala must think you're wonderful (even though you are her parent!) as my kids only stashed stuff from people they truly adored trying to keep a bit of the 'grownups' they loved for themselves when those grownups weren't around. Treasure this as it changes a bit when they are a teenager and you'll laugh then about having to search for her stash spots to regain your things.....and she may blush and deny it!
    Enjoy your studio 'my' time.
    Cheers, Robyn

  7. Losing that space must be like bleeding from the heart a wee bit.
    What a gorgeous old building, but im positive youll be happy in your next endeavour too, x

  8. I had no idea, being over here in Aus, that you couldn't retrieve your stuff from the broken houses, how appalling for you all. kaite


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