Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Secret Santa no more

I mentioned last week about secret squirrel craft projects....I can reveal a couple of 'em...

I signed up for the Christchurch Bloggers Secret Santa Swap organised by Juliet over at Tartan Kiwi....and catered by Miriam MakeIt GiveIt and who did I get in the draw?  Juliet from Tartan Kiwi.  No pressure - ha!


As is my way in these things I used up much of my allotted time farting about with various ideas and fabric choices.  In the end I used a ready-made pattern from Amy Karol's book Bend the Rules Sewing.

I followed the pattern exactly and they aren't quite a fail, but the fit is a bit meghhh.  I need to make them again and make a whole bunch of little adjustments - like raising the heel and adding more over the toe and making the outer sole smaller than the inner....  Me - fussy much?

The peg apron is my tutorial one - but I added the little loop at the centre front to hang it up.  That went down well, so I am somewhat encouraged to make a few for the market this weekend.

And what did I get??
Hannah from A Lost Seamstress gave me a sweet hand-worked pincushion and miniature tidy
and a knitted brooch in mustard....tiny, intricate, rich warm colours.  Perfect.  Thanks Hannah!


  1. You sound like me as I choose an item I haven't made before for swaps and then I'm not satisfied with the result so I make another, with adjustments. I should choose something I've made before where I've 'ironed' out my quirks and save myself the time and stress, especially nearing the Christmas season!

  2. Giving pressies, getting pressie...gotta love Christmas! Ladies room shoes have been on my list for a while too. I scored an 'I think sew' pattern which is in the to-do pile now.

  3. I absolutely LOVE the slippers love love love and as for that apron I *swoon* still have not made myself one
    LOVE these gifts


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