Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wanna Swap?

So how about it? I've been thinking for a while that I'd like to host a swap. The sort of swap that is all about getting your creativity going not your stress levels. One where all you need to do is sort out some cool offcuts from your stash to pop in a cute little handmade bag and post it off. Then, when your bag arrives be inspired by fresh new fabrics, do some small stash sewing and share your results on flickr.

I guess its no secret that I love playing with fabric and colour, and I love using a fabric all up, its so satisfying getting your money's worth. The trouble is sometimes you've used a fabric in two or three projects and you still have leftovers - if you're anything like me you just get creatively stuck.

Maybe you want to extend outside your comfort zone of colours and prints you normally go for, or you just want to try something new - like appliqué or crochet with fabric scraps and really the cost of buying even 3 Fat quarters these days just to have a play makes you stop and think twice.

I have a whole bunch of ideas for tutorials and I've managed to rope in a couple of friends and fellow bloggers to do 'guest' ones as well, so once sign up has closed I'll be running a little series of tutorials to whet your creative appetite.

The Gist

You'll be sending one little bag of fabric scraps and offcuts to a swap buddy and receiving one from another. It's meant to be a surprise parcel, so please don't spoil the fun and contact your person/blog about them until you're sure your goodies have arrived.

How many scraps? I was thinking that we could each fill a C4 NZ Post Bag (the $5 prepaid ones)

So - what is a scrap? I've hummed and harred about what constitutes a scrap - and really something as small as a postage stamp can be used but you're options are limited. For the recipient to have plenty of options (and fun) with your package, could your scraps be varied (rather than a whole bag of the same fabric) and most at least the size of a greeting card envelope or bigger - a mix of sizes is good.

What about the bag? I mentioned a handmade bag. I shall post a couple of ideas in a day or two - but something along the lines of a simple drawstring bag, or any bag design you could come up with/would prefer.  Just have fun with it!

Postage?  I will make this Antipodean swap (NZ and Australia), but please let me know on signup if you don't want to post across the ditch and I'll sort you out with a local.

Other Important Info

I don't want to come over all Gestapo on you, but I would just ask nicely that you approach this swap with grace and integrity:

Send off a nice bunch of scraps that you would like to receive (but for the fact that you're sending stuff you have used heaps and want a change).  This is not an opportunity to off-load old fashion, moth eaten fabrics or teensy tiny pieces of fabric that are no good to anybody.

Can we just stick to quilting and crafting weight cottons and maybe some linen, wool felt or similar?  You will see I've asked questions on the signup form about what sorts of things you have and what you would like so I can match you with someone suitable.  Some of us like making little softies and bags and heavier weight cottons, linen and felt are great for that.  Retro fabrics are also awesome - as long as the weighs are suitable for crafting and they are in good condition.  Again, I've asked for your preferences in the sign up form - so don't worry if Retro isn't your thing - I'll line you up with more modern scraps.

Sign Up

Simply pop over here (form is now all fixed) and give me all your details on the signup form. Then be sure to sign up to the Flickr pool so you can share your photos, be inspired by others and refer back to tutorial picks.

I'll leave this open until Friday 3rd of February and get back to on or around Monday 6th February with the details of your swap person.

Key Dates

Final day for Signup Friday 3rd February
Final Day for Posting your scrap bag Friday 2nd March

I hope you can join me in this - lets inspire each other to make something amazing from little pieces of not much at all!

Here's a button if you'd like to spread the word on your own blog.


  1. I'm totally in! Will fill in the form soon. Exciting!

  2. can't wait! Will fill in the form later.

  3. great idea Nin! will share on my FB page too :)

  4. I'm in, sharing this on my blog too!

  5. What a fantastic idea!! I'm in!

  6. I would love to do it,

  7. I would love to join in but I am in Australia. Let me know if thats ok!

  8. I don't currently have enough scraps (I checked) since I only just started sewing - but I'd love to know if you ever host a scrap swap again! :) I'm working on a few little sewing projects right now. :)

  9. I don't currently have enough scraps (I checked) since I only just started sewing, but I have a couple of prjects planned, so If you ever decide to do a scrap swap again, I would LOVE to know about it! :)

  10. Waaaah! Have only just found this swap - 5 days too late!!! Please let me know if you have an odd number and need another! Looks like SO much fun! Sue :)

  11. Excited to get my scraps sent off!!!

  12. I have just seen that the scraps I sent off have started to be created into new things. Very inspiring and I now can't wait to get my bag of scraps! Thanks Nin for organising the scrap bag swap.

  13. too bad I just found this a few minutes ago, or I would have LOVED to get in on it. Are you having another one any time soon??

  14. I love this idea...will you be doing this swap again any time soon??

  15. I just found this, I would live to do it if you are doing it again


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